What to Wear to a Chicks N Chaps Rodeo Clinic

By Theresa Venet Grant

If you are wondering what to wear to the February 22 Tucson Chicks N Chaps Clinic, here are  some basic tips:

cowgirl-hat-and-boot-hi1.  No Flip-Flops. You will be wandering around on the rodeo arena, so you absolutely need to have closed-toe shoes.  Of course, Cowgirl Boots are best, but any sturdy, closed-toe shoes will work. Just understand that you’ll be in areas shared with animals.  As to whether you should tuck your jeans into your boots or leave them on the outside—the debate is ongoing.  Do what works best for you!

2.  Long-sleeved shirts. The WPRA (Women’s Professional Rodeo Association) has ruled that women must wear  “long sleeved, collared, button or snap up shirts and jeans without holes, western boots and cowboy hat.”  Now, that’s not a requirement for participants in the Chicks N Chaps Clinic, but following the rules will help you feel like part of the rodeo set!  There’s a reason that cowboys and cowgirls wear long-sleeved shirts—they provide protection not only from the sun, but also from the dirt, scratches and scrapes that are part of rodeo life.  Many rodeos, including Tucson’s, won’t allow a competitor into the arena without a long-sleeved shirt.

cowgirl-hat-hi3.  The hat.  The most identifiable thing about a cowboy or cowgirl is his or her hat.  Like the shirt—it protects the competitor from the sun.  But hat choice tells a great deal about a competitor—not only is it a symbol of personal style, it also represents different events.  For more information about hat choices, check out this article from The American Quarterhorse Journal.  With regard to the Chicks N Chaps Clinics—wear what’s comfortable.  It doesn’t even have to be a Stetson—just make sure it has a brim.  (I’ll be tying a pink ribbon around mine for the day!)

4. Jeans.  The number one rule is: Be comfortable.  You will be walking around the dusty arena, and you may even be climbing onto some equipment.  Afterward, you’ll be enjoying a Champagne Brunch catered by Tucson’s fabulous Creative Catering, so you won’t want to be too slouchy!  (Hint:  Wrangler is our National Sponsor.)

breast-cancer-awareness-ribbon5. Bling.  Cowgirls are not above a little bling, so be sure to accessorize.  A bandana, a turquoise necklace—whatever helps you get in the spirit.  And, since all of the funds raised go to breast cancer patients and research at the University of Arizona Cancer Center, a little Wildcat love is absolutely appropriate.

6. Pink.  February 22 is “Pink Day” at the Tucson Rodeo in honor of all patients and families struggling with (and surviving) breast cancer.

RodeoWear1Regardless of what you wear, come and have a great time with other women who want to support women with breast cancer right here in Tucson.  Stick around for the rodeo itself, and then end your evening at the barn dance.

To register (hurry, slots are filling quickly!), go to our registration page and sign up!

Bring a Friend!  Did you know we’re offering a “Partner Registration” for $50?  Partners don’t get the t-shirt, but when accompanying registered guests, may participate in the clinics, the champagne brunch, the rodeo and the barn dance.

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